Beacon Volume 25 Edition No 34 3rd May 2011

President Andrew welcomed the Gellibabies back after their extended break due to the RACV Dinner and the Easter holidays. We had guests a plenty with Bill Dagg’s friend and driver Michael McGlade with us again and a repeat visit from Raimonda’s guest Hiroshi Nakayama but his wife Maki Iwamoto was resting after a bit of a scare with her pregnancy. Raimonda also brought along her neighbour Sue Searle who has that many interests and activities that take up her time that she is busier than when she worked full time as a microbiologist.

Hiroshi and Michael

Sue, Raimonda and Hiroshi

Words of Wisdom from President Andrew;
Congratulations to Mick the Boat and Capt Chaos for entertaining twenty kids from Open Family on the Fishing Day last Sunday. Thanks also to John, H, Peter and Ross for their help.
An early start which turned into a beautiful day for fishing and with the BBQ morphing into fish and chips in the Rotunda the kids were more than happy.
The fish were there (mostly around Capt Chaos) and the kids did catch lots but mostly undersize and returned to grow a bit more. Mick’s attempt with Hot Cross Buns was a bit of a letdown since they were without fruit and only good for use as burley!! Jim Markovski’s influence on the kids is amazing, considering their backgrounds; these kids have such a positive take on life and are becoming roles models for all within the community. Jim has some ideas for the help he needs in the coming months and will detail these prior to our next board meeting.
Melbourne RC is holding a 90 year anniversary dinner on May 23 at the MCG dining room. Tickets are $155 pp. See Andrew for details.
The Olde scribe has produced a wine label to be used with wine from Prospect Wines to replace the coasters as a thank you gift for our guest speakers.
Items from the floor;

  • PDG Jeff Bird wants to run a Morning Tea on 26th May in support of the Australian Cancer Council. Plan is for this to take place at Jeff‟s Factory
  • Unit 4
  • 10-30 West Circuit
  • Sunshine Vic 3020.
  • Cost would be $20 of which $10 would be a donation to ACC.
  • Watch this space for more details
  • PP Bill Dagg donated Bulldog’s caps and a scarf to Raimonda’s visitor Hiroshi Nakayama. Members were made aware that on this the couple’s forth to Williamstown and the Gellibabies and on each visit they have spent time working in DiK.

The Macedonian Marvels Fine Session;
They came fast and furious – so much so that the Olde scribe was lost for words and missed most of them!

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